February 2020 / Partnership

Partnership with Tain

WorldMatch and Tain™ are now together to provide the operators with WorldMatch’s portfolio of 200+ premium-quality online casino games.

Gabriele De Lorenzi, head of games development at WorldMatch, commented – We are proud of this achievement and happy to reach new players through Tain, the globally recognised casino aggregator. We are sure we can boost and promote our brand all over the world thanks to this strong partnership and the common strategy developed with Tain.


Tain’s Senior sales executive James Davies had this to say about our new partnership – The Tain casino team and I are excited to kick off 2020 with the inclusion of WorldMatch’s full portfolio of games to our well-established casino aggregation service.  The games will initially go live with our long-standing operating partner Parimatch and then made available to all operators on the Tain casino network. I look forward to working together closely with the WorldMatch team to make this partnership a long and successful one!!

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