Jackpot Games

World Match offers a full range of Jackpots on Slot Machines and Video Poker games, that can be activated and configured upon request of the Licensees:

  • Fixed: a Jackpot prize with a fixed win amount. This is the right option for the online Casino Operators willing to offer games with appealing Jackpot prizes since their first release on the casino lobby.
  • Progressive: each and every time a player wagers, a percentage of the wagered amount will be put towards the Jackpot that will increase progressively. This option is very appealing to players because it allows to generate sizeable and fast growing Jackpots.
  • Fixed + Progressive: a combination of the two options described above. Jackpot starts from a fixed amount and will increase according to the accumulation percentage.
  • Local: a Jackpot that is increased only by bets placed on a specific game. This means that it is possible to have a different Jackpot for each World Match game.
  • Group: a Jackpot that is increased only by bets placed on a definite group of games. This option generates fast growing Jackpots since all the chosen games contribute to boost a single prize.
  • Pooled: a pooled (or network) Jackpot that is connected to different online Casino Operators, offering the same Jackpot amount. Hence players from various casinos contribute to the same Jackpot that can be won while playing in any of the partaking casinos.
  • Single bet line or All bet lines: this special feature available on Slot Machines allows to configure whether the Jackpot can be won by spinning on a single bet line only, or on all bet lines.
  • Cross Platform: a Jackpot that is increased by wagers placed on Flash, HTML5 and native Mobile games. A prize that is very appealing to players because they can compete for the win amount while playing on any device.




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