Welcome to the world of the crazy Pinguizz family! The all-loving mother penguin and father penguin take care of their children, but those little rascals are really too lively!
Enjoy The Pinguizz HD, a 5-reel, 3-row Slot set in the South Pole, packed with amusing features and an involving Bonus Game: the funniest diving competition amongst the penguins who jump from the top of the icebergs with stunning maneuvers!

Game’s features are:

- WILD: this symbol works as a Joker, as long as it replaces the missing sign to get even better chance of winning.
- MAGIC WILD: at the end of some spins (chosen randomly by the system), a symbol (chosen automatically by the system) is transformed into Wild. Any winnings are calculated and paid according to the new combinations obtained as a result of the transformation into Wild.
- FREE SPIN: the occurrence of three, or more Free Spin symbols guarantees the player a number of free spins. The free spins will be performed on all the lines selected for the game that allowed the winning of the Free Spin.
- BONUS GAME: welcome to the Pinguizz winter olympics! In this spectacular and funny diving competition, each of the five penguins will perform a dive in the icy Antarctic waters. For each jump the Pinguizz will give a vote and a prize to their favorite athletes.
- AUTOPLAY: it allows the player to automatically play several games in a row.
- FAST PLAY: the reels spin faster to provide the player a quicker and more exciting game.
- SPIN STOP: this feature allows the player to stop the spin at any time he wishes, making the game faster and increasing the frequency of play during the session.
- HD GRAPHICS: the resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio, will afford a thrilling, unforgettable experience every time players set the reels spinning.
- ADVANCED CONTROL TOOLBAR: faster performances and more information, thanks to the association of each button to a specific key on the keyboard.
- SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION: the connection with major Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) allows players to share game highlights with friends, without leaving the game.