3D Multi-line Slot

Hermes has just delivered his message to the gods of the Olympus: the humans betrayed their trust so the wrath of Zeus will be relentless!
If you are so brave to fight the powerful Poseidon and Ares the bloodthirsty you’ll get the chance to win huge prizes!

Game’s features are:
WILD: this symbol works as a Joker, as long as it replaces the missing sign to get even better chance of winning.
AUTOPLAY: it allows the player to automatically play several games in a row.
FAST PLAY: the reels spin faster to provide the player a quicker and more exciting game.
SPIN STOP: this feature allows the player to stop the spin at any time he wishes, making the game faster and increasing the frequency of play during the session.
FREE SPIN GAME: the Mouth of Truth is waiting for the player who wants to try his luck. The player can win additional Free spins and winnings are multiplied by the coefficient shown in the paytable. The Free spins won are played with the same bet level and the same number of lines set for the spin that triggered the Free Spin Game.
HD GRAPHICS:  the resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio, will afford a thrilling, unforgettable experience every time players set the reels spinning.
ADVANCED CONTROL TOOLBAR: faster performances and more information, thanks to the association of each button to a specific key on the keyboard.
SOCIAL NETWORK INTEGRATION: the connection with major Social Networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn) allows players to share game highlights with friends, without leaving the game.