A simple game dynamic, immediate winnings and a refined and elegant 3D graphics contextualization: this is the ideal mix of Hi-Lo 3 cards, the newest WM card game.

This game is based on a few simple steps: the player chooses on which of the three cards he wishes to bet on and try to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower.
Then, in only a few moments, he will discover the amount of the winnings and will have the chance to continue the game, or to collect the money: Hi-Lo 3 cards is indeed a progressive game that allows the player to wager the full amount of the winnings, again and again until he wishes.
The 3D graphics are very realistic and faithfully reproduce the elements that characterize classic casinos, giving the game an extra touch of charm.

Hi-Lo 3 cards is equipped with features designed to meet the needs of all kind of players, such as:
SWITCH: that allows the player to change all cards with new ones with a simple click.The number of switches returns to the default settings when a player begins a new hand.
REBET: a feature that automatically re-bets the formerly wagered amount, without having to relocate the chips, one by one.