3Bets Poker is a variation of 5-card stud poker, but it differs in that the players do not have to beat the Dealer’s hand, or the hands of other players.
The objective of this game is indeed to collect any winning 5-card poker hand, containing at least a pair of tens, from three cards dealt to a player and two community cards dealt to the dealer.

Detailed 3D graphics and the high attention to particulars give the game an absolute realism and confer the atmosphere of the most glamorous casinos.

The Game Area has been designed in order to optimize readability, starting from bigger cards’ dimensions.
Besides this, all the five cards (three cards face up and two cards face down) have been lined up on one line, in order to be all visible at first glance.

The Bonus Bet added feature provides to the player extra chances of winning, thanks to the additional winning combinations of the Bonus Bet Paytable , thus enhancing the thrill of each hand.

Beside the standard version, 3 Bets Poker is also available in two additional variants: Pro and Privee , which differ depending on the minimum and maximum bet limits set by the Licensee.