Casino Games Suite

WM Casino games are made in native HD graphics, which make each pixel realistic and incredibly sharp.
WM Casino games, with resolution of up to 1280×720 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio, will afford a thrilling, unforgettable experience every time gamers set the reels spinning!

WM also introduces a Controls Toolbar that provides more information, faster performance and more control.
The graphics layout ensures greater immediacy of use and intuitive interaction on all gaming-compatible devices, such as computers, tablets and mobiles. In addition each function now has with its own key, so it is easy to remember and quick to use, making the gaming experience even more entertaining and professional.

WM Casino games are integrated with the major social networks: Facebook and Twitter.
This allows players to share game highlights with friends. Players can connect to their favorite social network and post pictures, links and comments, all without leaving the game.

WM Casino games have an important competitive advantage because our products are tailor-made; it is not merely a case of customizing because Operators can use our game-engine with bespoke graphics that they choose or develop themselves. This way the game engine is certified and tested by World Match, but the graphics can always be diversified. It means games can be adapted to user tastes and thus enable Operators to provide an exclusive experience.

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